Unit 11 Review

Review the terms and expressions from part 1 & 2.

Term & Expression/PhraseMeaning
to be crazy aboutto really, really like/love something
behind ___ backhidden from the other person
a breezesomething that is easy to do
a coincidencetwo or more events that happen by acciden, but have a connection to each other
eye candysomeone attractive to look at
fairbalanced, equal
I’ll tell you whatused to introduce a suggestion
motiftheme; style of decoration
to take it easyto relax
to wind up doing somethingto do something unplanned
Term & Expression/PhraseMeaning
to go all outto use a lot of effort and energy to achieve something
hangoverthe negative after-effects of drinking too much
to have all the bases coveredto prepare for or deal with something completely
to kick backto relax; to take it easy
to proposeto ask someone to marry you
stomach (be) tied in knotsfeeling nervous
to throw upto vomit
to turn someone downto say “no” to someone’s request
wastedvery drunk
low-keynot exciting