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Unit 11 - Clothes Make the Person
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Unit 11 Review

A Big Deal

What’s something that was a big deal in your country in the last 12 months? Will it be a big deal in another 12 months? How about in another 2 or 5 years? Write your answers in a notebook.

Example: The 2020 pandemic is a big deal in my country.

Find the Errors

We made some errors in the following sentences. Can you find all 10 of them? Write your answers in a notebook.

  1. I went to a park, but I felt place of out. There were only old people their.
  2. Eye can’t believe you did that? What were you thoughting?
  3. Did you mean two ruin your pants by washing it with your socks?
  4. I visited Athens, Grease. I was sweety the whole time because it was so hot.
  5. He didn’t do his very vest on the test. That’s why he’s in a bad moon.

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What’s the worst thing you’ve had to apologize for? Did the other person forgive you for what you did? Write you answers in a notebook.

*Answers will vary

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