Unit 6 Advertising
Unit 7 - Relationships
Unit 8 - Review of Units 5 - 7
Unit 9 - On the Phone
Unit 10 - Crime
Unit 11- This Weekend
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Unit 10 Review

Terms & Expressions/PhrasesMeaning
cool under pressurecalm during a crisis
crooka criminal who steals
to freak outto get really upset and not hide it
in the nick of timeat the last moment
infuriatedvery, very angry
to keep ____ coolto stay calm
outrageousunbelievable and upsetting
predicamenta difficult or confusing situation
shook upworried/disturbed
arsonsetting fire to a building on purpose
homicidethe killing of one person by another
hijackingth act of seizing control of a moving vehicle by force
domestic violencephysical abuse of a spouse or domestic partner
graffitia drawing or inscription made on a wall or other surface
to confirmbacked up /verified
to have a knack forto have a talen for doing something
on the loosenot caught by the police
to subdueto defeat and control