Unit 7: The Apartment
Unit 8: 5-7 Review
Unit 9: The Five Senses
Unit 10: Let's Eat
Unit 11: Around the House
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Unit 10 Review

In this unit, we learned several new ways of communicating:

  • The food groups that we eat and what makes them different
  • Ways to prepare and cook food
  • Tools in the kitchen we use
  • Ways to explain recipes

We also learned new vocabulary, heard dialogues and monologues that involve delicious food, and practiced pronunciation.

Let’s do some review activities…

Back to Basics

Think about your own kitchen. Do you cook often? Your family? Roommates? Consider the following questions and write down your thoughts:

  1. Do you cook mostly meat, vegetable, or both?
  2. What is your favorite type of soup?
  3. Do you like eating frozen food? Do you keep ice cream in your freezer?
  4. What do you always have in your fridge? Eggs and butter?

Banana Pudding

Read through instructions given on a banana pudding recipe. Fill in the blanks with terms and expressions you think make the monologue correct. After, you have filled in the blanks, listen to the monologue. Were you right? Now, go and make some pudding for your friends!


Now listen to the monologue to see if you put the correct answers in the blanks.

Recipe Combinations

Can you think of dishes to make with the combination of these ingredients?

  1. shrimp, garlic, broccoli
  2. rice, beef, potatoes
  3. flour, butter, eggs
  4. peas, carrots, onion

My Favorites

What are your favorite recipes and dishes from the Internet? Instagram? Facebook? Youtube? the TV? Share links with family and friends.