Unit 1 - The Golden State
Unit 2 - I like the Nightlife
Unit 3 - Vegas, Baby!
Unit 4 - Here's to Your Health!
Unit 5 - It's All Good in Hollywood
Unit 6 - Fixing Stuff
Unit 7 - Food, Fast!
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Unit 1 Review

Complete the following ‘almost’ statements with information that is true for you. Read your statements aloud when finished.

• In 30 minutes, it’ll almost be… time to eat lunch!
• In a week, we’ll almost be… done with unit 2.

  1. In 30 minutes, it’ll almost be ….
  2. In a week, I’ll almost be…
  3. In a month, it’ll almost be…
  4. In 5 years, I’ll almost be…
  5. In 20 years, the world will almost be…

2. Make a list! Write five things you should bring with you to each place.

  1. List five things you should bring to Disneyland.
  2. List five things you do not need to bring to the beach.

The CA Coast! Can you match these famous places with their points on the map of the CA coast?

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