Unit 1 – Part 2

Surf’s Up


A surfer rides a wave in California.

Think /Answer

Think about the following questions. Answer them in a notebook.

  1. California is lucky to have both mountains and beaches. Which do you like better? Mountains or beaches? Why?
  2. Why do people go to the mountains? What do people take with them to the mountains?
  3. Why do they go to the beaches? What do they take with them there?

*Answer Key – Exercise 1

Exercise 1

Terms and Expressions

Write the following terms and expressions in your notebook.

  1. to bring (verb) to take something with you somewhere
  2. clear (adjective) having nothing in or on it somewhere
  3. coast (noun) where land meets the sea; beach
  4. to fill out (idiom) to write/ put information asked for on a form
  5. form (noun) a piece of paper that requests information about you
  6. to get out of here (expression) to leave or exit a place
  7. to hit (expression) to visit a place
  8. No worries (expression) an expression meaning “everything is okay”
  9. to stay (verb) to live for a short time in a place like a hotel
  10. wave (noun) the movement of water because of the pushing of wind

Exercise 2

Listen and Read

Listen to the dialogue. When you are finished listening, read it aloud for practice.

Chad: We’re here! LA! The home of cool cars, beautiful people and Hollywood.
Topper: Awesome, right? And look at that clear sky. There’s not a cloud in it. This weather is how I hoped LA would be.
Chad: Me, too. Perfect weather to hit the coast. We’ll have a lot of fun riding our surfboards on some nice ocean waves.
Topper: That right! Now, let’s get our bags and get out of here.
Chad: Uh, Topper?
Topper: Yeah, Chad?
Chad: There aren’t any more coming off of the plane.
Topper: Oh no. I think our bags were lost.
Chad: No worries, dude. Let’s just fill out a missing luggage form with the airline. Later, they’ll bring them to the hotel where we’re staying.

Exercise 3

Listening Comprehension

Listen to the conversation again. Then answer the multiple choice questions below.

  1. The travelers are in the __.
    a. coast b. airport c. home
  2. There’s not a __ in the clear sky.
    a. cloud b. clown c. plane
  3. Chad wants to hit __.
    a. his bags b. the waves c. Topper
  4. He’ll ride a surfboard on __ waves.
    a. lake b. river c. ocean
  5. They’ll get out of there after they get their
    a. bags b. surfboards c. waves
  6. No more bags came off the __.
    a. train b. plain c. plane
  7. __ not worried about the missing bags.
    a. Topper is b. Chad is c. both are
  8. They have to fill out a __.
    a. form b. bag c. phone
  9. The __ will bring the bags to their hotel.
    a. airport b. airline c. waves
  10. They’re out of there to have some __.
    a. sun b. form c. fun

Exercise 4

In Context

Fill in the blanks with a word from the box. Use each word only once.

formsno worrieswavescoastclear
hitfilled outbroughtgot out of there stay
  1. She ______ an application when she joined her neighborhood gym.
  1. I always ______ with my friend when I visit New York. Hotels are too
  2. Be careful. Big ______ can knock off your swimsuit when swimming in
    the ocean.
  3. If you can’t pay me back today, ______. Just pay me when you can.
  4. I have to ______ the grocery store on my way home. I don’t have any milk in my apartment.
  5. On a ______ day with no fog in the air, you can see all the way to
    Catalina Island.
  6. He ______ fast when I told him we should start cleaning the place.
  7. They had to fill out a lot of ______ before they could get the bank loan.
  8. It’s only natural to go to the ______ when the weather’s hot. But expect
    big crowds.
  9. Who ______ this guacamole dip? It’s really delicious!

Exercise 5

Listen and Read

Listen to the second dialogue and read along. When you are finished listening, read it aloud.

Waitress: Good evening, guys. Welcome to the Venice Saloon.
Topper: Thanks. We’re visiting LA. Can we have a table near the window so we can see the coast?
Waitress: No worries. By the window it is. Where are you staying?
Chad: At a hotel called The Seventh Wave.
Waitress: Good choice. That’s the best in the area. My folks stay there almost every time they visit. I’ll bring you to your table now.
Chad: Where’s that great singing coming from?
Waitress: That’s a customer. It’s karaoke night. Fill out the form on your table if you want to try.
Topper: Is there a prize?
Waitress: If you impress enough people then you can win a free dinner. I’ll be right back.
Chad: I‘m glad we hit this place tonight.
Topper: Me, too! Especially if I win free food. I’m so hungry!

Exercise 6

Listening Comprehension

Listen to the conversation again. Then circle “true” or “false” based on what you heard.

  1. Chad wants to see the singer from his table. TRUE FALSE
  2. The waitress’s friends stay at The Seventh Wave. TRUE FALSE
  3. You have to fill out a form if you want to sing karaoke. TRUE FALSE
  4. There is a prize if you impress people with your singing. TRUE FALSE
  5. Both guys are glad they came to this place. TRUE FALSE