8 – More Terms & Expressions

Part A: In English, many words are related to – or come from – other words. Often, you can guess at the meaning of a new word by thinking of other words that it looks like or by breaking the word down into smaller, more familiar parts.

Look at the words below. Look and think carefully about other words you might know that look similar to the term or expression given. On the line next to each word, write 1-2 words that you think might be related to the word given, based on what you see in the word.

Part B: Think about the meaning of the words you wrote in part A. Using your knowledge of the words you wrote down, write the new term and expression listed above next to its matching definition below. Click “next” at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Listen to the monologue that uses the new terms and expressions above in a new context. Then, do the listening comprehension quiz that follows.