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Self-Study ESL Levels 1-6 “English as a Second Language”

English Online’s self-study ESL courses allow you to customize your learning via our modules. In Levels 1 (Low-Beginning) and 2 (Beginning), there are three modules per level covering Grammar, Listening .Speaking, Reading, and Vocabulary. There are 24 lessons in each module, a total of 72 lessons in each level! 

In Levels 3 (High-Beginning) and 4 (Low-Intermediate), there are two modules per level that include Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Vocabulary. There are 24 lessons in each module, a total of 48 lessons in each level.

In Levels 5 (Intermediate) and 6 (Advanced), there are two modules for each level, one with 16 lessons and one with 24 lessons, a total of 40 lessons in each level! These lessons include Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Vocabulary.

A “Module” way to learn: Customize your program and save! You can purchase individual module sets separately, which will allow you to focus specifically on the components you want to learn.

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Self-Study TOEFL® Program

Unique English Online self-study courses allows you to customize your learning YOUR way via our learning modules.

Learning & Practice:  12 lessons per level (Grammar, Reading, Speaking)

A “Module” way to learn:  Customize your program and save! Each module has 6 lesson sets and can be purchased separately.

Learn at your own paceSet up your study time 24/7 from anywhere and keep track of your progress.

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Live Tutor Sessions (Coming Late 2023):

English Online’s live tutor sessions are instructed by Language Systems teachers in a LIVE virtual classroom.

Take a virtual Engilsh class without leaving your home.
Ask questions to a LIVE teacher and learn in real time.
Submit assignments and tests every week to measure your progress.

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We Deliver Results

English Online is part of Language Systems, a private company with three learning centers in Southern California.  Language Systems has been successfully preparing students for the TOEFL® test in all forms for over 30 years,


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